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Provider Message Portal: How to Sign up

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS) is excited to kick off our Provider Message Portal. Registration begins April 1, 2022. Here you will find instructions on where to find the addendum for signature to register and access the provider message portal. This can also be found on the Professional Provider Education and Workshops page of our website.

The new process will replace the current letters BCBSKS sends to our providers requesting a new claim with records or additional information. The message portal will make it possible for offices to upload records through a secure portal. Additionally, providers who elect to participate are eligible for a QBRP incentive. For additional information regarding the QBRP incentive, please see page 11 in our 2022 Annual CAP Report. The program is optional, and you must sign up to participate.

For additional questions regarding this latest news article, you can contact your BCBSKS provider representative.

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